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From Matakana to Palmerston North we have you dressed.

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From Matakana To Palmerston North

The most common question asked? How do you go from Matakana to Palmy? However the heck I like!

  • Miss Auto Pro - Re-Worked Wear

    Watch this space as we are bringing one of a kind Re-Worked Wear to women in Automotive or who just love the hell out of denim like we do!

  • Up Cycling of Clothes - How Can We Take Part?

    Make a decision to take part! Purchase only from print to wear companies or those companies committed to the up cycling of clothing that was not purchased but has an opportunity to be re labeled and sold to those who need and want it.

  • Organics for those with Sensitive Skin

    Many of us are afflicted with our largest organ "the epidermis" reacting badly to all the synthetics we use in clothing. Thing is if your skin is struggling your health is not where it could be either. Organics pay homage to the healing of the skin while dressing and feeling relaxed also speaks to better mental and physical health.