Our Story

Dress by Design Not by Default

Let us ask you a question or two:

  1. How are you dressed when you feel strong and positive?
  2. Is your trade wear designed for women or are you dressed in mens trade wear by default?  

At Miss Auto Pro Ltd we want to assist women in building a collection of clothes that strongly reflects who they are and builds their sense of strength and empower them to make good choices right from the minute they roll out of bed. 


How we do this: In no particular order ..........

  1. Miss Auto Pro speaks to both the feminine and masculine side of women especially those who work in the trades from automotive to council work. 
  2. Miss Auto Pro strongly identifies with a personality fashion type that caters to those thrust into industry full of  dirty hard working men.   MAP sees the  need for women to continue to express themselves but still be taken seriously in a highly competitive male dominated working environment. 

Why the focus on Women in Trades - Because they deserve the  attention!

  1. Why Women in Trades?  We started thinking about women in trades who faced the conflict of dressing for function and fashion while staying true to who they are.  Building closets that suit the lifestyle and needs of these ruggedly sexy women is a huge 
  2. Miss Auto Pro recognised that women want to feel  casual but sexy - dressed but not to the 9's - it's not all about florescent - and definitely don't want Fluro underwear!
  3. As a team looking at how women in the trades feel we wanted to ensure they felt empowered by all the attributes of being a strong and beautiful woman while still being taken seriously as a team player. 

Our Mission:

  1. Our Mission:  Have women access functional fashionable durable trade wear whilst retaining their feminine sexy side.  Your story .... Your journey. 

What We Stand For:

  1. We stand for individuality and empowerment of women  and the up-cycling culture to keep the denim we have alive and well utilised in the trades.