Women's Trade Wear - Making Sure It Fits

Women's Trade Wear - Making Sure It Fits

What Size am I?

Of course first things first.  We do have to accept that overalls as the name denotes are going "over" all the stuff we are wearing underneath.  This then creates a more bulky clothing arrangement.   What you need to ask yourself before making any rash decisions are these 3 questions:

  1. What climate will I be working in - inside vs outside 
  2. What flexibility is required in my trade?
  3. What feels good and do I like to wear under my overalls on the whole?

As with most thing overalls tend to be measured differently by different manufacturers, so the best thing to do is to know your own measurements.  That means using your trusty measuring tape ( a soft one is recommended)  to get some important data.  Here are the 4 areas to measure and get accurate data from:

  1. bust - your boobs
  2. waist - around the middle
  3. hips - the mid butt section where it is widest
  4. inseam - this is the inside of your leg

You may need a good mate or girlfriend to help get an accurate set of data. Getting your measurements sorted is the first big step and then you are ready to look at what styling is right for you.  


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