Miss Auto Pro  - Every Small Step on The Up-Cycle Journey

Miss Auto Pro - Every Small Step on The Up-Cycle Journey

At the heart of our brand lies the commitment to begin Up-Cycling (reusing) in a more intentional and informed way.   It has taken many years to get to the point where we felt we could incorporate others who also have a drive and passion  to purchase pre-purchased goods especially those made from denim.  

95% of my closet and home is full of Up-Cycled clothing, shoes, handbags, home accessories, the lot.  I have grown up with an up-cycle mindset and have for years wanted to find an outlet for that passion.  Building a strong niche market for denim to be up-cycled (re-used) for the purpose of workwear for women in Trades really became the driving force behind the passion to tame the creation of more under utilised denim. 

Miss Auto  Pro Ltd is a tiny boutique styled outlet but one that knows that one pair of jeans at a time we can start to turn the tide of over saturation around.  Even I at the beginning of this project felt that 1 pair at a time might not be enough and that is why I am hugely motivated by the equation shared by Brian Solis  - VP, Global Innovation Evangelist @ Salesforce | 8x Best-Selling Author | Keynote Speaker | Digital Anthropologist | Futurist


"If we all do our part and follow our passion for the planet and the people on it the "Paradigm Shift" we have the potential to create will change the way we plant seeds for future sustainability and prosperity."



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