Miss Auto Pro - Dressing to Protect the Planet

Miss Auto Pro - Dressing to Protect the Planet

Learning More

Here at Miss Auto Pro we are firm believers in the power of knowledge and continuous learning.  The power of the written, printed and spoken word to change the lives of people around the world is in the hands of us.  We must stand up and voice our learnings and incorporate them into the ways we live on this amazing planet of ours. 

3 Ways To Dress to Protect the Planet

1. Read voraciously and learn as many new things as you can everyday.  In amongst your learnings discover how and where the things you purchase come from and what types of resources they require and pull from the environment. 

2. Purchase with intent.  Think very carefully about what you need in life and how you might utilise the clothing (or anything else) you purchase.  It has taken me such a long time to really get to an understanding that one does not need an over abundance of clothing to get the job done. 

3. Re-gift with generosity and purpose.   Those things you no longer need or want can be re-homed Up-Cycled (re-used) by others who may not have the resources to purchase.  Giving excess away to thrift stores is another great way to become part of the Up-Cycle Culture currently growing momentum. 




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